ECSAS 2023 – Turin 26-29 July

Below you find the detailed list of accepted panels at our upcoming conference (sorted alphabetically by title).

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03 – Changing Forms of Gendered Participation in Politico-ideological Movements in South Asia: Histories, Networks, (In)Visibilities

In colonial as well as postcolonial South Asia, women have always been involved, and made important, yet often less-recognised and invisibilised, contributions to politico-ideological movements, campaigns and protests. Recent scholarship on different social and political movements has drawn attention to the changing forms of gendered participation in a fast-transforming world.

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09 – Making Artisans: Artisanal Lives and Production in South Asia

How have artisans engaged with material production in South Asia? By analysing practices of artisanal production, this panel aims to reorient scholarly debates of material culture towards the experiences of producers. The panel integrates studies of labour with approaches to artisanship that emphasise shifts in technology and the regional political economy.

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