ECSAS 2023 – Turin 26-29 July

Below you find the detailed list of accepted panels at our upcoming conference (sorted alphabetically by title).

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03 – Changing Forms of Gendered Participation in Politico-ideological Movements in South Asia: Histories, Networks, (In)Visibilities

In colonial as well as postcolonial South Asia, women have always been involved, and made important, yet often less-recognised and invisibilised, contributions to politico-ideological movements, campaigns and protests. Recent scholarship on different social and political movements has drawn attention to the changing forms of gendered participation in a fast-transforming world.

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04- Pathways from Injury: Legal Narratives of Prejudice and the Politics of Hate in South Asia

Over the last decade South Asia has witnessed a steep rise in communal violence and identity-based attacks. India, specifically, has seen a growing and explosive discourse around hate speech and hate crime. Targeted attacks against Dalits (ex-untouchables) and Muslims have escalated under the current government, which has embarked on a policy of majoritarian Hindu nationalism.

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05 – Health, disease and epidemics: multidisciplinary perspectives on the socio-ecology of medicine in pre-modern South Asia

Against the background of the global climate, biodiversity and pandemic crises this panel examines aspects of public health and disease in pre-modern South Asia, including social, religious and ecological dimensions of hygiene, health and wellbeing, chronic illness and disability, and the transmission and control of epidemics.

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06 – Housing, Dwelling, Multilocal ‘Home’-Making: Repertoires of Living Together in Urban South Asia and Beyond

This panel seeks to bring together scholars working on questions of (affordable) housing in times of market-driven construction and lack of building land; architecture and infrastructure that enables humans (and potentially other species too) to live ‘well’ together - in cities, peri-urban regions or in particular spaces within cities.

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