ECSAS 2023 – Turin 26-29 July

Taste Torino

A trip to Torino also means a journey into taste, to savour with intimate pleasure in a medley of sensations.

Here the appetisers come in an infinite variety based on meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, salami and cheeses, all obviously to be served with “grissini”, invented in the 17th century for Prince Victor Amadeus II of Savoy.
Any first course has to include “agnolotti”, meat filled pasta which is dressed with either gravy from the roast, or butter and sage, ragout sauce or meat broth.
Not to be missed is the wide range of high quality handmade cheeses coming from our Alpine valleys.
And of course, all of this washed down with the great Piedmontese red and white wines: Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Arneis and many more.

However, a true dinner in Torino must be preceded by the fun ritual that takes place late every afternoon in the cafés, wine bars and clubs along the river… the aperitif!

A cocktail or a glass of vermouth to go with sandwiches, cold cuts and local cheeses, pasta and risotto, multiethnic specialities, and the evening is ready to start!


If then, in the middle of the day, strolling beneath the elegant colonnades of the centre, your eye is caught by the inviting windows of the historical cafés, give in to the temptation of the hot drinks like “bicerin” based on coffee, chocolate and cream, “zabaione” and hot chocolate, in the café rooms decorated with mirrors, wood panelling and satin upholstery, where the atmosphere of the Risorgimento period can be experienced.


In Torino, in the 18th century, chocolate began to be processed and solidified, creating delicious products for satisfying the Court of Savoy and this led to the “invention” of gianduiotti, chocolates, pralines, cakes, biscuits, “pinguino” ice-creams and hot chocolate: world famous specialities which make Torino the Italian capital of traditional chocolate.