ECSAS 2023 – Turin 26-29 July

Below you find the detailed list of accepted panels at our upcoming conference (sorted alphabetically by title).

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13 – The Travelling Female Performer: Mobility and Agency in and beyond South Asia, c. 1760-1940

Female performers in South Asia–devadāsī, mirāsan, tawā’if, kanjrī or naṭnī–have historically been peripatetic communities. This panel explores connections between travel, mobility and power for female performers in South Asia’s broad colonial period (1760-1940), to facilitate a discussion across disciplines like history, ethnomusicology, literature, politics, and art history.

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19 – Beyond “linguistic areas” – Recent advances in the study of language contact in South Asia

Work on South Asia as a “language area” or “Sprachbund” dates back at least to Bloch (1934) but it was not until Emeneau (1956) that it reached a larger linguistic audience. Since then, an extensive literature on this topic has appeared, with different suggestions as to which features should be compared throughout the subcontinent and how to define these.

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20 – Self-translation, translating the self: Multilingual writers in South Asia

In the South Asian multilingual context, many writers have lived and worked in between languages. In view of the complex power dynamics between languages, the panel proposes to investigate self-translations and multilingualism under a multiplicity of facets, ranging from language politics and publishing decisions to dialogue with the self in multiple languages.

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