ECSAS 2023 – Turin 26-29 July

The Idea of Eliminating Double Consciousness – A Critical Study of the Dalit Women’s Consciousness in the Selected Writings of Sujata Gidla, Sivakami, and Faustina Bama


Singh Jayshree - Bhupal Nobles' University Udaipur Rajasthan India, English, Udaipur, India


35 – Postmodern Narratives of Caste and Indigeneity


The selected writings of the Dalit Women taken for the proposed research study are a metaphor of Dalit women’s consciousness, for whom the spirit of courage to overcome their disabled, deprived, disregarded life is as important to drive away from their life the innate fear, just as the torture, discrimination, segregation in their life is as frightful to keep them silent so they may live as a member in their family with adjustments per se their fragile environment. In context of postmodern theoretical context their existence manifests the trials and ordeals that are legitimately fixing them into a pattern that if broken due to their expected desires or due to their certain sort of aberration just as we find in the novel “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy that Ammu a brahmin woman has an affair with Velutha ‘an untouchable’ or in the novel “Kanthapura” by Raja Rao we find Murthy a brahmin boy mingles to dine with pariahs ‘the untouchables’ or in the short story ‘Dileverance” by Munshi Premchand we find Dukhi desires to liberate his ancestors’ soul thinking to invite and arrange a ritual feast for a Brahmin-priest to his house or if we examine Dalit voices and expressions with regard to their thought of actualisation, we will see how malignantly they used to be trailed off by the cultural heirarchy and patriarchy. The Dalit women’s consciousness acts as an agency to question brahminical asssumptions, prejudices cultural positioning in terms of gender and caste.