ECSAS 2023 – Turin 26-29 July

Making and unmaking borders in South Asia


Casolari Marzia - University of Turin, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and Modern Cultures, Turin, Italy


16 – Re-orienting Borderlands:Beyond spatial fixations in South Asia


powers. Most scholars concentrated mainly on the Transfer of Powers in India papers, whereas the military records, that disclose totally different British responsibilities and goals regarding the divide of South Asia, are neglected. The paper will take into consideration the long term effects of this event, throughout the post-war, Cold War and post-Cold War period. It will describe how the Anglo-American unscrupulous use of Pakistan’s territory for ruthless military experiments, which involved Afghanistan, contributed to unsettle this area. The paper will focus on the insurgency in the forgotten borderlands of Baluchistan as one of the main, but generally neglected, by-products of India’s partition. The paper will highlight the Baluchis’ perspective and some solutions to bring peace to this area and restore India-Pakistan confidence. Such solutions, which have been proposed by enlightened politicians, but have never been put into practice, start from the enhancement of the role of the civil societies across the borders.