ECSAS 2023 – Turin 26-29 July

Caste-Violence and Space for the Marginalised Labour: Discourse of Citizenship and State in Settling Dignified Livelihood for Dalits


Lakra Neelima Rashmi - London School of Management Education,University of Chichester, Management, London, United Kingdom


39 – Citizens at Risk: Caste, Violence and State Institutions in India


 Whilst Dalits often seek to improve their position by migrating for work, much of this work is insecure, prone to caste-violence, undignified and exploitative. This study focuses on Brick Kiln industries, which are analysed as a hybrid form of caste tyranny in the urban periphery of India. Importantly, it engaged in the discourse of citizenship and life of Dalits and with state inactiveness in settling migrants Dalits livelihood. How they have been forced to perpetuated caste violence which compel them to eat human excreta, beaten for demanding their wage, and dragged behind a tractor for negotiating their rights and initiating a union. This is a qualitative study which analysed the data from twenty households settled in the urban periphery of Hyderabad city of India those who migrated from eastern India. The analysis concluded that the caste violence hampering the basis human life and deviation in dignified citizenship and failure of state preparedness in settling migrant workforce in the urban periphery.