ECSAS 2023 – Turin 26-29 July

Multimodality to Address Communal Issues in a Hindi-Language Class


Bajaj Mansi - Yale, South Asian Studies Council, New Haven, United States


32 – Dynamics of Language Diversity, Multilingual Identities and Linguistic Nationalism in South Asia


 In the recent years, the wide usage of digital technology has motivated research on application of multimodal communication in second language teaching and learning. Multimodal communication in second language teaching and learning includes, but is not limited to, using images, social media content, feature films and vlogs (e.g., Lankshear & Knobel, 2006; Lotherington & Jenson, 2011).

There have been communal issues in South Asia since the period of partition. These communal issues have given rise to language identity politics. This presentation will exemplify how multimodal communication can be used in a Hindi class to talk about linguistic nationalism in India, with a focus on recent developments. The presenter will discuss multimodal activities to give the learners a holistic view of the recent communal issues in India.

It is significant to address the communal issues when teaching a South Asian language to sensitize the students and instigate changes in the society. It provides students with opportunities to participate in the community by making significant contributions to the society. This approach to language learning can help towards strengthening the development of the society.