ECSAS 2023 – Turin 26-29 July

Below you find the detailed list of accepted panels at our upcoming conference (sorted alphabetically by title).

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51- The Digital Turn in South Asian Television Studies

This panel takes up the impact of “the digital” on television cultures across South Asia. We explore media convergences between broadcast TV, social media, and digital TV spaces. Attention is drawn to the national, regional, linguistic and cultural norms and politics of this digital turn.

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52- Moving towards a sustainable future: Decolonising theory, praxis and pedagogy in South Asia

The proposed panel aims to interrogate the systemic inequality embedded within the politics, society and culture of South Asia and the ways in which decolonial movements and pedagogy can espouse the meaning of plural communities and living in communal harmony devoid of hierarchies and colonial technologies of governance. In doing so, the panel aims to draw the connection between decolonising education and sustainable futures in South Asia

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